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The Kermeen Family - Kennaa Farm

Nestled in the heart of the island, just outside St Johns, is the picturesque farm of Kennaa.

Now run by run by father and son Laurie and Paul Kermeen, Kennaa is home to 88 milking cows and covers just over 200 acres. The farm has been supplying milk to Isle of Man Creamery for over 70 years.

The passion and care that the family put into their cows is clear to see; Paul and his dad Laurie, who farmed Kennaa for over 40 years, could easily name each and every cow, who her mother was and how many calves she has had. Wife Louisa is a trained vet and when she is not working for Milan Veterinary Practice, she can be found helping out at the farm and monitoring the health of all the cows. They believe that improving the comfort and general wellbeing of the animals is pivotal to the production of high quality, delicious and wholesome milk.

Paul and Louisa's son Matthew is the rising star of the family. Whilst only three, he loves riding the quad bike with his Daddy, feeding the calves with his Granny and looking out for his
favourite cow Olga.

The Kermeen Family have now been farming in this area for four generations. The very definition of a family farm, if Matthew takes over the farm in years to come he will be the fifth generation to supply Isle of Man Creamery.

The Kermeen Family - Kennaa Farm

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