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We are delighted to be able to offer our customers an opportunity to fully recycle our plant based milk cartons.

At present we have recycling bins for Isle of Man Creamery milk cartons at the Northern, Western and Southern civic amenity sites and now Tesco Isle of Man. 

Doorstep recycling has now been postponed due to the developing situation with COVID-19. If you have already ordered a container you wont be charged until the scheme has started. We will continuously review the situation and update accordingly. 

Cartons will be collected by our delivery drivers and the service is only open to our doorstep delivery customers who already have a delivery from us. If you are not a customer you can sign up here.

If you are an existing customer you can call our customer services team to check on your collection day on 632000.

Our doorstep delivery drivers will collect your empty cartons when they make your regular delivery.

To qualify for recycling collection you will need:

Our doorstep delivery drivers will collect your empty cartons when they make your regular delivery.

  • To have a suitable container to leave your empty cartons in – in the same place where you have your milk delivered – You can order a container from Isle of Man Creamery by filling in  or calling customer services on 632000
  • To rinse, crush and replace the lid on your carton prior to leaving them out for our drivers
  • To leave ONLY Isle of Man Creamery milk cartons in your container – if there is anything else placed in the container we won’t be able to collect
  • Isle of Man Creamery polybottles and cream cartons can not be placed in with your cartons – these can be recycled with other plastics on your regular kerbside collection or you can take them to any Civic Amenity Site
  • To have an existing doorstep delivery on your named collection day  – If you don’t, you can either amend your delivery by calling 632000 or continue to take your cartons to any Civic Amenity Site

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