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Isle of Man Creamery goes even greener

28 August 2018, Community

Isle of Man Creamery is going even greener in September by introducing the first plant based carton in the British Isles with no oil based plastic.

From September the 10th, Isle of Man Creamery cartons will be replaced with the innovative plant based cartons, produced using only fully sustainable and renewable sources. The production of these is carbon negative, meaning that they actually remove carbon from the environment during their creation.

The board used for the body of the carton comes from FSC Certified forests and the cap and lining is produced from a sugar cane polymer. The sugar cane is grown on previously farmed pastures in Brazil, meaning that there is no encroachment on the rainforests and all plants used are sustainable and renewable.

Plant based cartons are only available in metric measurements which means that Isle of Man Creamery will now be offering a 500ml plant based carton for 55p and a 1 litre plant based carton for £1. This makes a 1 litre carton of Isle of Man Creamery milk the best value Manx grass fed milk on the market.

There will be no changes to the size and price of the 2 and 4 pint polybottles.

Managing Director, Findlay Macleod said: "We are delighted to be the first dairy in the British Isles to be able to offer this plant based carton to the market. We have been working on this project for the past 18 months with our suppliers Tetra Pak and it's exciting to see it finally coming to fruition.

The fact that the production of the carton is carbon negative and removes carbon from the environment during creation, makes these cartons the most environmentally friendly packaging available for our milk.

'Additionally, it would take 9 lorry loads of plastic or glass bottles to pack the same amount of milk that we can pack with just one lorry load of these plant based cartons, which come flat-packed. That carbon impact applies to the non-Manx milk on the Island's shelves too. So, buying your milk in a carton makes a huge difference to your carbon footprint.

'The look and feel of the cartons has also been changed. The cartons now have a fresh, clean look which really highlights our Grass Fed Accreditation and uses photographs of the Island to reflect the environment in which our herds are kept.

'With the achievement of our Grass Fed Accreditation last year, the introduction of the plant based cartons, means that we now have the most naturally produced milk in the most environmental containers that a consumer can buy on the Isle of Man.'

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