Crafted to perfection since 1934

It all begins with our milk

Find out what makes our milk special

"As Manx as the hills"

The product of the pure Isle of man landscape

All of our milk comes from the Island's 33 dairy farmers that form the farmers' cooperative.

Herds graze on the lush pastures of Island, nourished with the enriching sea breeze. Our temperate climate means they can enjoy more time grazing outdoors, enhancing the natural taste of our milk.

Milk is collected from the farms early each morning by our tanker drivers and each drop never travels further than 15 miles from farm to Creamery, ensuring low food miles, quality and freshness.

"Keeps Manx farming alive"

The product of generations of wisdom

Our farmers' cooperative was formed in 1934 by the Island's dairy farmers.

At this point the Island's Parliament, Tynwald, also passed the Agriculture Marketing Act and formed the Agriculture Marketing Society. This helped to protect the interests of the Island's farmers and help them to market their products more effectively. 

Through a careful mix of control, incentive and enterprise, the Society has been instrumental in guiding the Island's farming industry.

Today, we are proud to be supplied by the farmers who form the cooperative, we strive to give them a fair price for their milk and guarantee stability by buying every drop of milk they produce. This helps to keep the dairy farming industry on the Island viable.

"Tested to the highest standards"

Always exceeding expectation

All of the milk we collect daily from our farmers is tested to the highest international standards to ensure only the best quality, purest milk is on your table. 

We have a dedicated, accredited laboratory at Isle of Man Creamery and a team of four highly qualified technicians who carry out various tests on a daily basis on all of our products. 

As soon as the tanker arrives from the farm, a sample is taken and tested for contaminants including antibiotics and water, PH and temperature. It's only once all these tests have been passed that it is allowed to be unloaded into our production area. 

Once the raw milk has been pasteurised, homogenised and bottled, it is again put through extensive tests with the addition microbiology and fat testing to ensure the fat content of all our varieties of milk meets the legal levels. 

"Bones, muscles, teeth"

A natural source of goodness

Milk and dairy products should be a staple of our diet. They provide a number of essential nutrients for every age group and plays a key role for a healthy balanced diet.

During childhood, milk and dairy products provide important nutrients for growth and development and although we might think that all our growing is done by our late teens our bones are still developing well into our 30's!
As well as being high in calcium, milk is also high in protein, iodine, vitamin B2, vitamin B12 and phosphorous - aiding muscle growth, cognitive and nerve function, digestion, the immune system and the growth and maintenance of healthy teeth and bones.

Dairy remains one of the most important food groups as we move through the life cycle helping to maintain a healthy body and prevent bone and cardiovascular disease.

"Helping to drive performance"

Be at the top of your game

We all know there is a strong link between nutrition and sports performance - a nutritious diet can help to provide all of the essential nutrients needed to perform well under pressure.

No matter what sport you take part in, it is important to fuel your body pre-sport, stay hydrated mid-sport and refuel and recover post-sport. The nutrients found in milk - protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and water are all quickly absorbed by the body to produce energy and replenish stores after activity.

New research shows that milk consumed as a post-exercise recovery and rehydration beverage is just as effective, if not more so, than commercially-available sports drinks, and can increase muscle growth.