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Our Heritage

The story of Isle of Man Creamery starts in 1919, with a small herd of cows at Spring Gardens in Douglas.

With no pasteurisation milk was fresh, pure and warm and delivered by horse and cart to the many households, hotels and guesthouses for the many holidaymakers to enjoy. 

In 1934, Tynwald passed the Agricultural Marketing Act to protect the interests of the Island's dairy farmers. The Agricultural Marketing Society was also founded, whose aim was the further the cause of farmers by marketing their products effectively helping to maximise their income. It was at this point that the farmers' cooperative that still runs the Creamery to this day was formed. 

In the late 1950's the UK Milk Marketing Association passed a resolution that there should be a fixed transport cost of 5d per gallon of milk added to the price of milk which gave a total of 8d per gallon. The secretary of the Isle of Man Milk Marketing Association Robbie Robinson didn't like this at all and fought three court cases to bring in his own transport, reducing costs and allowing the farmers to make 7d per gallon. 

1974 saw our new Creamery and current home being built in Tromode, just outside Douglas. This modern, state-of-the-art Creamery was to complement the hand crafted skills which allowed a substantial increase in the quality and freshness of our milk. This decade also saw the demise of the horse drawn float as the Creamery invested in a fleet of vans which would enable milk to be delivered more efficiently and arrive fresher. 

In 1996 it was announced that the company name would be changing from the Isle of Man Milk Marketing Association to Isle of Man Creameries. We also invested in a brand new carton to ensure that delivered milk was fresh and simple to open. 

By the turn of the century the Creamery was in full flow supplying a wonderful range of products, not only to the Island and UK, but also to destinations in Europe and the United States. 

Today all of our milk comes from the Island's 32 dairy farmers that form the farmers' cooperative. It's the quality and integrity of milk, blended together with the skills passed down through the generations that allow us to produce the most natural, freshest tasting milk, cream and butter and our award winning cheese range. 

Our Heritage

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Bill Foster, Owner @ The Guardhouse, Jurby