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Say hello to our brand new, plant based cartons

What's happening?


In a first for the British Isles, we're replacing our cartons with a fully sustainable and renewable plant based carton.

What is the difference?

Our new cartons mean less carbon emission across our products' lifecycles.

During growth of the materials and the manufacturing process each 1 litre carton removes 21g of CO2 from the environment. As well as this we can ship over 9 times the amount of flat packed cartons to the Island as polybottles – saving even more carbon

When does it launch?

New cartons are introduced early September 2018

You'll see our cartons appearing in stores and on your doorstep from the 10th September.

What is it made of?


The body of the carton is made from board only obtained from FSC Certified forests and the lining and cap is made from sugar cane, grown on degraded pastures in Brazil

Environmental impact

Single-use plastic

The manufacturing of single-use plastic bottles emits 160kg of CO2 per 1000 litres of liquid container

Tetra Rex® Bio

The manufacturing of plant based cartons actually removes CO2 from the environment – 2.1kg per 1000 litres of liquid container

162kg less CO2 in the atmosphere for every 1000 cartons

Single-use plastic

We can transport around 70,000 empty polybottles to the Island on one 40ft trailer. A similar figure will apply to filled ploybottles (imported milk to the Island) and glass bottles

Tetra Rex® Bio

We can fit 672,000 flat packed cartons into the same trailer space – really helping to reduce our carbon footprint and strengthening our eco credentials!

Carbon emission reduced by 90%*

Single-use plastic

Single-use plastic is made from oil, a non-renewable resource. It also takes centuries to bio-degrade – every piece of plastic ever made still exists today.

Tetra Rex® Bio

These award-winning, new cartons from Tetra Pak are made from sugarcane and paperboard, grown and managed sustainably. By using them we reduce our reliance on single-use plastic.

8million+ tons of plastic dumped in our oceans every year

Same great product, two new sizes

As well as introducing the new plant based carton, we are also offering two new sizes a 500ml and a 1 litre carton. We have priced these new packs so that the 1 litre carton offers the best value Manx milk on the market.

Tetra Rex® Bio
Tetra Rex® Bio
Single-use plastic
Capacity 500ml 1000ml 2pints
Price 55p £1 £1.20
Cups of brew made* ~100 brews ~200 brews ~227 brews
Cost per cup (CPC) = 5.5p = 5p = 5.3p
*Source: The Independent  

Your Questions

  • What does plant based mean?

    Plant based means that all of the materials used the make the cartons come from fully sustainable and renewable plant sources.

  • So how are they better for the environment?

    The production of the new cartons actually removes carbon from the environment due to the carbon uptake used to grow the sugar cane and wood used in the manufacturing. We can also ship 10 x the number of cartons to the Island in the same trailer space at plastic bottles which means that we are reducing our carbon footprint.

  • Are the cartons recyclable?

    Yes, the cartons are fully recyclable, but at present there is no facility on the Island that can handle the cartons. In the future we would love for more people to switch from single use plastic bottles to plant based cartons so that we have the volumes to look at a dedicated recycling scheme for our cartons.

  • Are the cartons biodegradable?

    No, at present the technology is not available to have biodegradable liquid cartons. It is something that our suppliers at Tetra Pak are looking to develop and we hope that it will be available in the coming years.

  • Why are the sizes of the cartons changing?

    As part of the change over to plant based cartons we are also changing the sizes of our cartons. Manufacturers just aren't making pint cartons any more as demand is so low. As a result we will be going metric and offering 500ml and 1000ml cartons.

  • When is all this happening?

    The new cartons will be in stores and on doorstep delivery from the 10th September

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