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The Collister Family - Ballashamrock and Southampton Farms

The Collister family farm from two farms: Ballashamrock and Southampton which run from the beautiful cliffs around Port Soderick to in land Richmond Hill. Together both farms are around 400acres.

Their business was formed in 2005 but David’s father in law Colin Kelly was born in Southampton Farm and has lived in Ballashamrock since 1958. At least eight generations of his family have farmed around Santon and Braddan. Now David, his wife Judith and kids Will, Isla, Lauren and Harry, work/help in the business alongside Colin and Gwen Kelly. Colin’s other daughter Zoe and son-in-law Philip also join in on the fun doing Agricultural contracting.

The two farms play separate, important roles:
Southampton is a dairy farm which milks 250 cows as well as housing other stock. Their cows are New Zealand and Jersey crossbreeds which are small but hardy cows and are full of character and mischief. They are specifically bred to produce milk from grazed grass.
Ballashamrock Farm does the grassland and grazing management. Not only do they compete in local silage and grazing management competitions but they are Northern Regional Winners of the British Grassland Society and finalists at UK national level!

The Collister family are super friendly, great fun and love what they do. They are a credit to our industry!

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The Collister Family - Ballashamrock and Southampton Farms

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