The Christian Family

Ballakeigh Farm


There are not many people that can say that their family has farmed on the same land for over 500 years – but the Christian Family can.

William has lived and worked on the farm all his life, he has been supplying Isle of Man Creamery ever since the family started milking cows forty years ago. William has four children; Dan and Kirree both work full time at home on the farm, and their sisters Breeshey and Emma are always willing to lend a hand whenever possible.

Just past the church in Bride, the cows graze in fields with stunning coastal views and on a clear day you can even see the villages in neighbouring Scotland. Their preference for the traditional Montbeliarde breed makes them easily distinguishable, with brown bodies and white faces. Whilst these cows produce lower yields than some other breeds, the high quality of the milk makes it perfect for making our award making cheeses.


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