The Masson Family

Ballacricket Farm


Ballacricket Farm is home to the Masson family – Vicky, Neil, daughter Rhian and son Alec. Neil's family have farmed here in Ronague for three generations, whilst Vicky is from a dairy farming family in Dalby. Farming is a way of life for both sides of the family and they would love for this to continue for future generations to come.

The farm prides itself in breeding exceptional pedigree dairy Holsteins, focusing on producing a high output of milk which is all sold to the Isle of Man Creamery. The herd is called Cairbre Holsteins and is renowned on the island for being highly successful at the local agricultural shows. To name but a few of the awards they have received, Champion Calf for five consecutive years at the Royal Manx Calf show, Champion Holstein and Reserve Supreme Champion at the Royal Manx Agricultural show in 2015.


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