The Coole Family

Ballamodha Mooar


The Coole Family farm at Ballamodha Mooar where Dougie and Belinda took on the tenancy in 1986. There was no structure on the existing farm for milking cows so they set to developing what they needed over a number of years. They began with 15 cows and now milk 175.

Although they began from scratch, both parents on each side of the family were dairy farmers and began supplying the IOM Creamery in its beginnings in 1934. Belindas parents, Doreen and Hubert Kermeen farmed at Ballcraine and also did a milk round. Dougs family farmed at the Cooil in Braddan. This makes Kayleigh a fourth generation farmer.

If this wasn’t enough, the Coole family also sell eggs. You may have seen, especially South of the Island, the blue boxes labelled Coole Girls Eggs. And we can’t forget about our star of the show, Basil who is always up to much mischief around the Ballamodha


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