The Garrett Family

Ballacubbon Farm


The Garrett family farm, Ballacubbon, is nestled in a beautiful spot in between St Marks and Ballasalla and has stunning views of South Barrule. Their 400acres are spread between St Marks and Phildraw.

Jack and his partner Hannah started milking last year alongside his parents Davey and Elaine. But this isn’t their first time in the parlour, Jack is a fourth generation dairy farmer and his dad, Davey, was milking up until 10years ago at the same farm.

They began milking 20 cows last year and I have now grown their herd to an impressive 70 milking cows. They also have beef cattle and sheep and grow their own grain and bedding for the winter so they are definitely kept on their toes!

Ballacubbon Farm is very much a family farm, as not only do Jack, Hannah, Davey and Elaine work together but Jacks brother Tom, is an accountant and helps Jack with the books. Jacks sister Leanne, a school teacher, is also more than happy to jump into the parlour and milk cows when help is needed.


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