The Harvey Family

Ballachrink Mooar Farm


We often hear in agriculture how farms have been passed down through the generations. Well, this wasn’t the case at all for Stephen; he didn’t inherit his farm, he earned it.

Stephen started farming in his own right from the young age of 24. After many years of renting, it was his ambition to buy land in his own name, to have his own farm.

Through sheer hard work and determination, in 2007, Stephen bought Ballachrink Mooar Farm, Lonan. It was a beef cattle and sheep farm, with none of the necessary infrastructure to have a milking herd. Building work commenced and the graft continued, in 2012, he was finally able to start supplying the Creamery with milk.

Fast forward to 2019, Stephen has 50 cows and aims to build the numbers up to 80. This year, Stephen actually won an award from the Creamery for exceptional milk quality! He also runs 200 sheep over the steepest fields on the farm.


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