The Duggan Family

Ballavell Farm


Ballavell farm has been in the Duggan Family since 1967. Comprising of 220 acres in the south of the island, the farm is close enough to have a stunning background of South Barrule, yet enjoys shelter from the trees of nearby Silverdale Glen.

The farm is home to husband and wife, Colin and Helen. Their son Will works full time at home and assists with the management, whilst their daughter Jenny is a doctor. They are very busy looking after all of their 85 cows and followers, yet their passion for the animals is clear to see. Helen's favourite cow is Philomina; the pair developed a special bond when she was the first calf of the year to be born in 2014. Helen spent many hours giving her favourite baby calf lots of attention in those early days. Since then Philomina recognises Helen's voice and will always bound up to her for a cuddle if Helen is walking past the field.


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