The Cain Family

Glendown Farm


Meet the Cain family – Derek, Jane and Will. They live and work on Glendown farm, Port St Mary and Jane's family have done so for over 200 years – William is a ninth generation dairy farmer.

The farm comprises of 89 milking cows, 300 ewes, 1 pet sheep called Suzie and a collie dog. Within the herd there are several different breeds of cows, including Montbelliard, Danish Red, Swedish Red and Holstein Fresians. They graze their cows from March to October, where they enjoy scenic views of Gansey bay, Port Erin, Colby and the hills beyond. The cows are milked twice a day, 365 days a year. All of the milk produced at Glendown is sent to the Isle of Man Creamery, where it will be used for liquid milk sales and our award winning cheeses.

Through the 'Stay on a Farm' scheme, the family can host six guests in their idyllic self-catered holiday cottage. Holiday makers love walks in the glen or to the nearby Cregneash Village, using the BBQ facilities and popping down to the local beach.


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